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The Cheshire Brine Pumping (Compensation for Subsidence) Act, 1952 set up a single Compensation District covering the areas of Cheshire where there was the potential for subsidence resulting from the pumping of brine. The Cheshire Brine Subsidence Compensation Board was formed in order to discharge the duties set out in the Act.

The main duties of the Board are to provide compensation for specified categories of damage to land and buildings caused by subsidence due to brine pumping and to respond to consultations from the Planning Authorities and Building Control regarding development within specified areas which may have been affected by historic brine pumping (Consultation Areas). The activities of the Board also include the issuing of statutory notices, liaison with the public, maintenance of a compensation fund, maintenance of a claims register, monitoring of ground movements and preparation of search reports for property transactions. With regard to Planning and Building Control consultations, the Board is responsible for prescribing the Consultation Areas under Section 38(1) of the 1952 Act, being those areas potentially at risk from the pumping of brine.

The Board has no responsibility for the management and maintenance of records relating to current or abandoned salt mine workings or associated shafts.